Showtime Teaming Up With David Goyer To Adapt Comic Book 100 Bullets

With the outcry from both major Hollywood studios and fans for more adaptions of comics being heard,  is it any shock that this would stretch past the theater?  Following the success of comic to TV adaption The Walking Dead, many channels have been eager to capture the success by hoping adapting a comic into a TV show will bring the fan base to the tube to view the show.  TV show adaptions for The Incredible Hulk, Chew, and Jessica Jones (based off a character from the comic series Alias by Brian Michael Bendis)  are being planned, and pilots were filmed,but not picked up for TV adaptions of Wonder Woman and Locke & Key.

It seems Showtime wants in on more comic based fun (they are also behind the Chew TV show).  DEADLINE is reporting that Showtime will be teaming up with the director behind Blade Trinity and screen writer behind The Dark Knight David Goyer on a TV show based off the Harvey and Eisner award winning comic 100 Bullets, who will be joining as a writer and executive producer for the show.  The show is just now entering the early planning stages, with no planned date for release or production start being revealed.


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