Warner Brothers Are Still Hoping To Make A Sequel To Green Lantern

So what happens when a huge superhero blockbuster disappoints the studio behind it by receiving poor reviews and a mildly exciting first week intake at the box office that would drop 70% in the next week?  Why it gets a sequel…apparently.  Green Lantern stumbled into it’s first weekend in theaters looking like film critics had beat it worse then a hipster in a biker bar.  Being trashed almost unanimously by critics didn’t stop Green Lantern from pulling in the #1 spot with a rather lukewarm $52 million.

Though not at it’s best form, Warner Brothers had kept faith that another week would treat DC Comic’s Green Lantern Corps.  What we can only assume was to their dismay, Green Lantern saw a 70%  dip in ticket sales not only in the US, but internationally too (a much larger dip in sales then Thor & X-Men: First Class suffered during their second weeks).  But according to The Hollywood Reporter, these abysmal two weeks have not hurt WB’s hope of a sequel.  They stress that the studio is looking for a new franchise to fill up the hole that will soon be left by the departing Harry Potter franchise.  Though not making as big of a bang in theaters as they would have liked, WB has faith that a better story and overall treatment of any potential sequels will see an increase in ticket sales.

Keep in mind that even though THR are a reliable source, there is no official news of a sequel as of now.  Green Lantern is currently in theaters, starring Ryan Reynolds.


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