Transformers Star Tyrese Gibson Starts Campaign For Luke Cage Role

If you thought that the guy from the Old Spice commercials who rides his horses backwards was the only person trying to gain Marvel’s attention in an attempt to play their character Luke Cage in a big screen adaption, you would be wrong.  Isaiah Mustafa aside, big name actors like Idris Elba have thrown their name out to the media in hope Marvel may one day pick them up and cast them as the popular Power Man.  Now another name is being thrown out, Tyrese Gibson.

While attending the premiere of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, MTV spoke to one of the films stars, Tyrese Gibson, who expressed a profound, but not unshared, interest in playing the Marvel Comic’s superhero in a silver screen outing.

“Listen, to Marvel: this is Tyrese Gibson. Get it together. Let’s go ahead and shoot this comic book,” he told MTV News at the premiere of “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.”

“Luke Cage is one of the original Marvel characters. Show some more respect,” he continued. “Go ahead and get some traction going on Luke Cage.”

“I’m ready. I’ve got my headband ready, baby,” he laughed. “What’s the problem, officer? Go get it!”

Sadly, Luke Cage currently isn’t in Marvel Studio’s plans as of yet.  But keep here to get any news on the films progression.


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