Is A Sequel To X-Men: First Class In The Works?

It seems that the success of the re launch prequel for Fox’s X-Men franchise may be inspiring them to make a sequel.

According to The Geek Files, Fox’s studio executives and other higher ups are eagerly discussing plans to make a sequel to X-Men: First Class. This may not be much of a shock after the film gained double its budget in under a month, as well as nearly unanimous rave reviews.

Only a few months back, both the film’s director Mathew Vaughn and producer Bryan Singer discussed plot ideas for a sequel revolving around the Kennedy assassination.  For more news an updates on the yet to be official sequel to X-Men: First Class, swing back here.


3 thoughts on “Is A Sequel To X-Men: First Class In The Works?

    • I believe the main reason we have yet to see a sure fire sequel announcement is because of Fox’s arrogance. First Class doubled its budget, but still didn’t put up the numbers they have seen in their last 3 outings (what with the first X-Men being slightly more successful than First Class).; unlike Deadpool, which saw an instant greenlight due to the guarenteed success of Wolverine was its first week alone.

      • That might be it, but sucks cuz it’s up there with X2 as the best X-Men film to date. Too bad it hasnt made more money, it will definitely make double its budget though. Fox might just be playing it safe. Sorry for the EXTREMELY late reply lol

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