Is A Movie For Wonder Woman Still Happening As Soon As 2013?

Could we still be treated by a Wonder Woman movie from WB after a failed attempt at a TV show?  Well a certain report seems to suggest so, and that it may happen as soon as 2013…

Now as any internet surfer may know, a pilot episode was filmed, ridiculed, and left to rot for a TV show based of DC Comic’s amazonian heroin Wonder Woman.  The pilot starred Adriana Palicki as Wonder Woman with a various wardrobe of costumes after the original had gotten laughed off the internet.  But has this failed attempt at a TV series allowed some movement for a movie adaption?

Modern Myth Media are reporting that a source close to the production has given them the knowledge that WB is still indeed moving forward with a Wonder Woman flick that may hit the silver screen as soon as 2013.  But don’t take this as fact, as even Modern Myth Media admit that “While this new source appears to be legitimate, take this news with a grain of salt.  Even our source admits that the project is in very early developmental stages, meaning that Warner Bros. is far off from actually committing to this production.”

Thought this news is by no means confirmed, stick here for the latest updates on any possible progression on the alleged Wonder Woman movie.



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