Thor DVD & Blu-Ray Details & Cover Art; Plus Date Of Release Revealed

Have you been waiting for your chance to see Thor at your own home on your own TV?  Of Course you have, but now you can find out when that will be possible; plus what details will be available with it…

IGN revealed some details regarding the Blu-Ray and DVD release of Marvel Studio’s Thor.  Set for release on September 13th, 2011, Thor will hit shelves in 3 different editions.  Now here are the details and Cover art:

The Thor three-disc Ultimate Set includes the film on Blu-ray in high-definition 3D and high-definition 2D, as well as on standard-definition DVD with a digital copy. The two-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo pack includes a high-definition presentation of the film, plus a standard-definition presentation with a digital copy. Both sets come fully loaded with over 80 minutes of immersive bonus materials including an exclusive special feature that goes deeper into the Marvel Universe, a sneak peek into Marvel’s The Avengers, an unprecedented look inside the world of director Kenneth Branagh and much more.


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