Marvel Studios Give The Go Ahead To A Doctor Strange Movie; Release May Be As Soon As 2013

It seems Marvel Studios has a Doctor in the house, albeit a strange one.  Recent reports suggest that Marvel has recently gotten their hands on the first draft of the script for a Doctor Strange movie, and that it could hit the screen as soon as 2013…

Twitch Film is reporting that Marvel has another hero making headway onto the big screen, the sorcerer supreme himself Doctor Strange.  This may not come off as the shocking bit, as both the character’s legendary creator Stan Lee and Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios have both made it clear that Dr. Strange was indeed on their radar when talking about future solo movies.  The report states that the first draft has been handed in by Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (writing duo behind this August’s Conan The Barbarian).

The shocking bit in this report is that they claim Marvel’s dedication could put this film on the fast track towards a 2013 release.  This would mean sharing the year with sequels to Marvel Studio’s other two blockbusters Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, as well as the recently delayed reboot Man Of Steel and R.I.P.D.  Some may consider 2013 just as hectic as 2012 (which will host releases for The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, and John Carter just to name a few) will no doubt be when it comes to the superhero comic blockbusters.

Patrick Dempsey is the only known actor currently campaigning for his shot as the Doc, but fans have led a fervent outcry to see either Johnny Depp, Jim Caviezel, Rufus Swell, or Joesph Fiennes take on the role.  Sadly, we have no more news on the adaption, but stick around here for more news as it comes.


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