COMICS: New Fantastic 4 Teasers Hint At The Return Of Johnny Storm

Thought Johnny Storm’s heroic death was going to carryout in the comics for a good long while,  then come November you may be sorely disappointed, as the teasers for November’s Fantastic Four #600 seemingly hint at the Human Torch returning from the grave… 

First Teaser Poster For Fantastic Four #600

First Teaser Poster For Fantastic Four #600

After Johnny Storm made the sacrifice of putting others lives in front of his own in Fantastic Four #588, the team was left lost and missing a fourth of their team.   Not much later, Spider-Man became the replacing member for Johnny Storm, which marked a costume change and a renumbering of the book back to Fantastic Four #1.  But fans have not forgotten Johnny Storm, and it seems with the comic industries uncanny ability to bring back the “dead” super fast,  we may seem him return to the fold as short as this November.

Marvel has issued two teaser posters for Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four #600 (that’s right, back to the original numbering from before Johnny’s death).  Though Hickman promised at SDCC that he would not bring back Johnny Storm so long as he is on the book, the first teaser poster featuring the original Fantastic Four logo may beg to differ.

Now another official poster has hit the fold, and this one appears to be a little more blunt about the returning Torch.  This time the teaser is showcasing the WHOLE team, and yes Johnny is in there too.

Remember to catch Fantastic Four #600 this November, written by Jonathan Hickman.


2 thoughts on “COMICS: New Fantastic 4 Teasers Hint At The Return Of Johnny Storm

  1. Just a silly thought, but since technically Johnny Storm was not the original Human Torch (i.e. the Invaders), couldn’t this be some other Human Torch? Reed is a scientist in a world of humanoid robots and clones, after all.

    Though that seems too… obtuse for Hickman. They’re also shown in the non Future Foundation uniforms. Could this be a divergent universe? Could the Fantastic Kids have reset things? We did just see Franklin bring the Thing back to life…

    • That’s actually a very smart thought. Hickman won’t be leaving the title, and Johnny Storm will remain dead as long as he is on the book, it makes sense that Reed might be making a new android Human Torch similar to Jim Hammond. I Think you may really be on to something with that one.

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