Looks Like Ben Reilly Is Returning To The Marvel Universe

Well looks like these people got their wish.  Though it isn’t “confirmed”, recent (rather obvious) hints are alluding to the return of the fan favorite, but long time dead Ben Reilly, also known as Scarlet Spider…

Teaser image for Spider Island shows Ben Reilly's Iconic Sweater

Teaser image for Spider Island shows Ben Reilly's Iconic Sweater

For quite some time, fans have wanted to see the return of Ben Reilly in the main stream Marvel Universe (616). The character best known for being one of two clones of Peter Parker/Spider-Man (along with his genetic brother Kane), but also being the hero known as Scarlet Spider.  Throughout the 90’s, Reilly’s popularity skyrocketed to a point where he even took over for Peter as Spider-Man.  Though not the best at heroics, Reilly sacrificed himself for Peter, gaining him a following in the comicbook afterlife.

Now after nearly two decades, Ben Reilly may be coming back (but almost definitely is).  For the event Spider Island, Marvel admitted that “…there’s one thing we can tell you, fans can get excited for the return of someone very important to the life of Peter Parker. Except where will he show up…”.  Also, a painfully obvious teaser poster for the event shows off Ben Reilly’s iconic sweater that he donned over his costume in his Scarlett Spider days.


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