Just A Thought: 3 Reasons We Love The X-Men!

People have been In love with the X-Men since 1963, and since then the number of fans has greatly multiplied, bringing a bigger audience to Marvel Comic’s Children of the Atom.  Now we run down 3 of the many reasons we here at Nerd World News love the X-Men, feel free to join in the comment section to voice your opinion too…

1.  They are always in the middle of every big event in the Marvel universe:  The X-Men have been an ever growing team in the MCU, so no matter what happens, some form of the X-Men team almost always makes an entrance.  These characters are around so often, it is very hard not to grow fond of some, if not most of the team.  Like it, love it, or loathe it, X-Men are a huge staple in the X-Men universe, and show no signs of leaving any time soon.  Hardly an event (if any) has taken place in the MCU that hasn’t effected some, many, or all of the X-Men team.

Also, a good deal of X-Men story arcs effect the MCU as a whole themselves.  The team is a huge difference maker no matter what is going on, whether it be a big or small event for any character, its not unlikely for the X-Men or an X-Man to be involved in some way.

2.  Great Writing:  Though there may be some duds along the way, chances are most of the X-Men stories you have read have been good fun, if not great.  Writers like the Stan Lee (the creator of the series for anybody who didn’t know for some reason), or Chris Claremont, who spent a 19 year run writing for the series Uncanny X-Men, as well as several other X-Men titles following, have molded not only a great team of superheroes, but have molded each and every one of them individually as characters.

Great X-Men writers have always made it possible not only to like a character so much, but to make them relatable. I am willing to guarantee you that there is an X-Men book on the shelf of your local comic store that you will enjoy.  There is la ways a writer who understands a certain character, or create one they relate to, allowing others to have a new character in which to follow.

3.  There will always be a character you can relate to:  The fun part of X-Men for me is that each character is stuffed with depth, making the characters more intriguing.  Though even the mystery shrouded Wolverine makes for a compelling read more times than not.   These characters are created then built upon right in front of your eyes, so you really start to grow with these characters.  X-Men take you on a journey with a group of characters who feel misunderstood, mistreated, or unable to find a place in the world.  This since of relating is what molds most people into huge comic fans, and why the X-Men is a great place to start, continue, or add on to the comic reading fun.

Since day one, the X-Men have stood for what is right, even when the people they are protecting don’t trust them.  They are the social out cast of the world, making it a fun way to help cope with peoples own problems.  You may feel certain characters just have your personality on print, and this is more so with the X-Men team.  The rapidly growing mutant world can introduce a foray of new characters that can appeal to individual leaders.  And with Charles Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters taking in any mutant, they don’t have to be a hero who has proven himself in other books to join the team.   There is no limit to how many characters the team or school can hold, allowing for new blood to always show up and be presented with a fun story to follow.

So there is my thoughts on the subject, feel free to add your own in the comment section for a fun discussion!


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