Michael Fassbender More Than Willing To Return For A Sequel To X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

The actor who played Magneto in the summer time blockbuster X-Men: First Class, a prequel to Fox’s X-Men franchise based of the long running fan favorite Marvel Comic series, admits he is more than willing to return for a sequel if the crew from the first one should decide on doing another one… 

Here is what Michael Fassbender had to say about an X-Men: First Class, while speaking to MTV Splash Page about his latest, and more serious film,  A Dangerous Method:

“We worked very hard. It was a very trying time,” says Fassbender, who played a young Magneto in the prequel/reboot. The actor remembered scrambling with the rest of the crew to make the movie after only two weeks of preproduction and being thankful for James McAvoy, the Professor X to his Magneto. “Thank god, James is a good guy a very smart guy and he’s a very practical guy.”

He also commented on the films director, who pulled a great film out of such a messy pre-production, while also speaking about his fondness for his coworkers, and even how he has come up with sequel ideas with costar James McAvoy:

 “He’s great because he makes films as a fan,” Fassbender says. “There’s something like a nine-year-old boy in him when he’s making a film. He’s very much into characters and allowing the characters to drive the plot and the plot to drive the action film, as opposed to action driving the film and threading in some sort of a plot. ”

“It was a very rewarding experience, so hopefully we’ll get the same team back again,” Fassbender says, who collaborated with McAvoy on a few ideas for a second movie.


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