Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Exits The Crow Reboot

The Crow is one of the most successful comic adaptions to hit the big screen, a cult success starring the late Brandon Lee.  Sadly, Brandon’s role was not left to rest with him, as The Crow became a franchise battered with horrible, unnecessary sequels and a television series.  Now the reboot The Crow has hit another snag, with another one of its  directors leaving…. 

The Crow reboot was originally set to be directed by Stephen Norrington, with Nick Cave penning the script.  The film went as far as the pick up a still yet to be named A list star to play the fifth Erik Draven, but a snag between the star and Cave over his script forced whoever this mystery man was to leave the project.  Norrington still struggled with trying to wrestle the film off the ground for a few months, but eventually cut his losses and bailed the project and its hellish development troubles.

We were then graced with a new helmer as of a few months ago, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, whose work includes 28 Weeks Later and Intruders.  Juan stayed fairly silent about The Crow, and it seems the film’s ongoing struggle may have been a major player in that.  Now, it appears Fresnadillo is packing his things and leaving as well.  Twitch Film has broken the news of Fresnadillo’s departure, saying he has chosen to pursue a remake of Highlander instead.


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