Producer Fredrik Malmberg Talks About A Conan The Barbarian Sequel & The Disappointing Box Office Numbers Of The First Film

 After two highly successful movies during the 80’s starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as a spin-off for Red Sonja starring Bridget Nielson, an updated reboot for Robert E. Howard’s popular Conan The Barbarian was planned.  Sadly, the reboot starring up and comer Jason Momoa didn’t fair so well in theaters or with critics.  Now the films producer talks about the once planned sequel and more…..

After impressing during his screen test for the role of Khal Drogo in HBO’s A Game Of Thrones, the popular character from George R.R. Martin’s hit book series A Song Of Ice & Fire in which the show was adapted from, the producers of the show sent over actor Jason Momoa’s screen test to friends they had who were working on the latest Conan film.  The Conan producers were equally impressed with the Stargate: Atlantis actor, prompting them to offer him the role without further thought.  Momoa struck gold with his popular performance on Game Of Thrones, which was airing while Conan The Barbarian was finishing up post production, causing the film to gain some serious buzz.

With a budget of $90 million, director Marcus Nispel was gearing for a pretty good opening for his film.  Conan The Barbarian disappointed at the cast and crew with its box office numbers, only grossing a little over $21 million of its $90 million budget.  This upset was immediately assumed to be the death of the films sequel, that Momoa actually wrote the story and a first draft of the script for.  While speaking to The Daily Blam, the films producer Fredrik Malmberg talked about the film flopping at theaters, as well as the potential sequel:

“The truth of the matter is that this is a very tough, competitive industry. And since we’re dealing with consumers or movie go-ers, it’s also very trendy, and I think the whole industry has been challenged this whole year to attract the young audiences to the movie theaters.”

“no firm plans”

“A ‘Conan’ sequel would be nice, but also of course, we’re working on both ‘Kull the Conqueror’ and ‘Dark Agnes’, and ‘Vultures’ as of now…. We have been working a little bit on one of his stories called ‘Pigeons From Hell’, which is a pivotal, classic horror story that he wrote. The boxing stories, we’ve actually also been discussing some of that.”

So even though a Conan The Barbarian Sequel may not be on the cards, we have more Robert E. Howard adaptions to look forward to.  You can pick up Conan The Barbarian when it hits Blu-ray & DVD this Tuesday.

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