Michael Bay Officially Returning To Direct A Fourth TRANSFORMERS Film

 Michael Bay has made well over a billion dollars with his live action take on the Matel Toy’s Transformers, making three highly successful films.  Talks of Dreamworks studio moving on for a fourth film with or without Bay soon began after the box office numbers came in for the record breaking third film Transformers Dark Of The Moon.  But now Michael Bay has officially jumped on board for the untitled Transformers 4….



Vulture is reporting that Bay has decided upon returning to the franchise for a fourth film, which will start after his next film Pain and Gain raps its soon to start production. There is currently no word on whether some, any, or all of the original cast (sans Megan Fox of course) is returning for the next one due to many stars insisting it was the last.

Bay will be making Pain and Gain next regardless, due to it being a project he has been attempting to make since 1999. This cast will include Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and will be based off three-part story based on the infamous “Sun Gym Gang,” a group of dense body builders who kidnap and torture a Florida business man.


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