Patty Jenkins Departs From Asgard; MONSTER Director Exits From Sequel To THOR!

 The director of the indie hit Monster, Patty Jenkins, was chosen a few months back to replace director Kenneth Branaugh for a sequel to his 2011 hit Thor, based of  Marvel Comic series.  Now Jenkins has split and Marvel is entering a quick search for her replacement…..

Deadline is reporting that Patty Jenkins will be splitting from Thor 2 due to “creative differences”.  Jenkins is known for her indie hit Monster, which earner Charlize Theron an academy award.  Her recent work has been the pilot episode for AMC’s crime thriller The Killing.  In the report it states (or speculates?) that Jenkins may not be leaving the superhero movie game, but will not be doing sequels; this leaves the idea that she may return for a new character for Marvel (DOCTOR STRANGE?!?!?!).

Marvel is apparently going full steam ahead on the replacement search, but no names have been given as to who they are searching for.  But remember to stay here for updates on Thor 2’s progress as it comes.  Branaugh will be staying on board as a producer and has recently even discussed taking a role in the film, but his return to the director’s chair is still said to be unlikely.

Chris Hemsworth is set to return as Thor The God Of Thunder, with Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston returning as well as Jane Foster and Loki respectively. Thor 2 will hit theaters on November November 15, 2013.


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