Mark Millar Updates The Status Of AMERICAN JESUS Movie Adaption

Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar has been trying to get all his comic properties, even his unfinished ones, onto the big screen.  Now Millar updates the progress on the planned adaption for his series American Jesus….

Millar once said American Jesus would be like his own sequel to Passion Of The Christ

“We are also doing a few side projects this year too,” Said Millar, while speaking in some depth to Comic Book Resources“The ‘American Jesus’ movie has been getting crazy momentum in the last six weeks. We announced last year that we were forming Millarworld Productions and would make ‘American Jesus’ as our first big theatrical feature, and I’ve been gradually getting the money together for that outside the US system. All my other books were getting bought and made, but this one, which I had huge affection for, was just never going to happen. Everyone was just too nervous about doing a Jesus movie, and I was like ‘Are you kidding me?!?’ Mel Gibson made a Jesus movie, and it made $650 million dollars. What’s your concern? It made ‘Spider-Man’ money! But they still weren’t sure. It was one of those things I’d almost given up on, and then I realized I could make it myself.”

“We were planning on making it relatively modest, but then once word got out, investors came forward. It’s actually been quite a massive investment in the film. We’ve ended up with a budget about four or five times what we’ve expected, so it’s now going to be pretty comparable with ‘Kick-Ass,’ in budgetary terms. Over the next couple of weeks, there’ll be an official announcement on that one in the movie magazines where we can talk about who our partners are. But it’s very exciting and very unexpected. The ‘American Jesus’ comic-book sequel, which I’ve been scribbling for about five years, will be happening at the same time and we’ll bind them both together in one book when that movie appears, either in 2013 or early 2014.”


One thought on “Mark Millar Updates The Status Of AMERICAN JESUS Movie Adaption

  1. I’m going to keep my eye on this release. It could be pretty awesome with today’s graphics but it could be pretty lame if they don’t do it exactly right, and I mean exactly right. Graphic Novel is pretty cool…

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