Matthew Vaughn Will Return To Direct A Sequel To X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Though Vaughn had made no previous reassurance that he would return for a sequel to his hit prequel X-Men: First Class, it seems he has made a deal to return….

Deadline just broke the news that critically acclaimed director Matthew Vaughn will return to direct a sequel to his summer of 2011 hit X-Men: First Class.  The script will be written by X-Men movie franchise alum Simon Kinberg, who had a part in writing the third, and most critically panned entry in the original franchise, X3: The Last Stand, from director Brett Ratner.  Director of the first two installments Bryan Singer is set to produce the sequel, as he did for the first one.

It is said that all of the main cast intend to come back for the sequel, which hosted some now huge names like James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence; as well as the legendary Kevin Bacon.  This will be Matthew Vaughn’s first successful attempt at a franchise, after a Kick-Ass movie sequel recently fizzled.  Be sure to check with us as more updates on the film appear, and follow us on twitter (@NerdWorldNews)


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