Ryan Reynolds Reflects On GREEN LANTERN; Has No Idea About A Sequel

Though it got torn apart by critics, and disappointed most moviegoers, Green Lantern still appeared to have a good chance at getting another shot.  Now the star Ryan Reynolds reflects on the first movies disappointing turnout, as well as admitting he really has no news on a sequel…..

Green Lantern was one of the eagerly awaited superhero blockbusters of the 2011 season, along with the likes of Thor, Captain America: The First Avengers and X-Men: First Class.  While it started of rather strong during its first week in theaters, the box office numbers soon fizzled rapidly.  Amid bad reviews and some severely let down audience members, Green Lantern became labeled as a disappointment.

While talking about his upcoming project Safe House with MTV, Reynolds reflected on how Green Lantern turned out: “I think it’s very wise advice: never congratulate yourself too much, and never berate yourself too much. This is very sage advice, I look at moviemaking more as the experience than the outcome, which is by and large a pretty healthy way to look at it.”

Reynolds also talked briefly about the negative reaction from critics, saying “If you’re invested in the outcome of every single movie, you’re bound to have moments where you aren’t going to be as happy. I’ve had movies that were very successful that I wasn’t happy with.” 

“I have no idea,” said Ryan, after being asked about any updates on the potential sequel.“I do not cut those kinds of checks, I couldn’t have answered that any more clearly before the movie came out either.”


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