STAR WARS Voice Actor Ahmed Best Reveals The Fate Of Jar Jar Binks After The Prequel Trilogy

Just when we thought Jar Jar Binks was just an obnoxious Gungan running around and annoying Star Wars fans, it seems he had a much bigger role planned.  In a deleted scene description, voice actor Ahmed Best reveals Jar Jar had a big role to play for the dark side…..

People are upset that The Phantom Menace will be the first Star Wars film to be re-released into theaters in 3D; this is mainly due to a passionate hate for Jar Jar Binks, a CGI attempt at comedic relief that did not go over very well anyone.  Promoting the return to theaters, Jar Jar voice actor Ahmed Best revealed to Entertainment Weekly his own disdain for the role he played, as well as revealing a deleted scene showing the Gungan’s true nature:

“As an actor, yes,” says Best, on whether he understands the massive hate for the character. “But as someone who understands film and as a filmmaker? No. George [Lucas] has to make his movie. And I’m happy to be whatever in any of it. And at the end of the day, it’s the story that matters, and if the character doesn’t fit into the story, there is nothing I can do. What ends up on the screen is what he says ends up on the screen. All I want to do is be able to facilitate his vision as best I can. That’s all I can do. I wanted to be in those movies more because I wanted to give him more. I felt like I could do a good job. And I did. I did the best job I could do.”

Best also revealed that Jar Jar actually played a key role in Senator Palpatine’s rise to power while discussing a deleted scene from Revenge Of The Sith:

“In Revenge of the Sith, there was a scene that was cut where I’m walking down a long pathway with Ian McDiarmid before he is turned into the Emperor, and Palpatine kind of thanks Jar Jar for putting him in power. It’s a really interesting scene, and it shows the evolution of Jar Jar from this fun-loving kid’s character into this manipulated politician. And it was an interesting arc for the character that I thought could have been explored, because the scene is really dark. But it just didn’t fit in the movie, which I understand. But yeah, George’s take on it is Jar Jar is now just a politician.”

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