LOCKOUT Star Guy Pearce Joins IRON MAN 3

With ‘The Avengers‘ entering full swing for its May 4th release, news on another Marvel Studios hits.  Star of the recent Sci-fi action flick, ‘Lockout‘, Guy Pearce, has joined ‘Iron Man 3’…..

Though ‘Lockout‘ was meet with its share of negative reviews, one thing was continuously praised about the movie; its star, Guy Pearce.  Pearce has had some close brush ups with super heroes in the past, having almost played the titular role in the 2003 live action ‘Daredevil‘ as well as the villainous role of Ra’s al Ghul in 2005’s ‘Batman Begins‘.  Now, according to Variety, he will finally get a shot at being part of a superhero universe in 2013’s third outing for ‘Iron Man‘.

Pearce will play a geneticist by the name of Aldrich Killian.  Robert Downey Jr. will return as the lead role of Tony Stark/Iron Man, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson also preping to return to their roles from ‘Iron Man‘ and its sequel.  Another new addition to the cast is Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley, who will play the movie villain.

Production will start in the next few weeks, with filming locations in North Carolina and China confirmed.  ‘Iron Man 3‘ will be influenced by Warren Ellis’ six issue mini series ‘Iron Man: Extremis‘, in which Peace’s character co creates the Extremis armor.  ‘Iron Man 3’ will hit theaters May 3rd, 2013 and will be directed by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).


2 thoughts on “LOCKOUT Star Guy Pearce Joins IRON MAN 3

  1. Yeah I do tend to gush hard about Pearce. I get giddy hearing that he joined this because I always thought he was essential to have in at least one superhero movie. Hell I still get sad knowing he will never get to play Daredevil.

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